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Are You Afraid of Insulin?

It’s OK.  Most people who are not already taking insulin are terrified of insulin. 😰 I help people give themselves their first insulin shot, and even the manliest of men can shake like a leaf. And I tell them, it makes sense, no? OUR BRAINS KNOW IT’S A BAD IDEA TO STAB OURSELVES! 🛑 It […]

Are You Using Your Past Against Yourself?

  Although this topic applies to anything that happened in your past that you still think about today, I want to relate it to living with a disease like Type 2 Diabetes.  So many of you are finding evidence from your past that you have no control in this moment of where your health is […]

Learning How to Fail is How You Succeed in Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Do you have a dream? Is there something you want for yourself? Maybe you have even played with setting a goal. Now answer this question: what is holding you back? When we are contemplating big change – going after something that feels impossible – it’s typical to feel some fear. What if we fail? What […]