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Are You Giving All Your Power Away?

So many of us don’t even know we’re doing it. We think we are just observing the facts.  Just reporting on the world around us.  We look at our situation, and we say, “It’s not fair.”  “My life is just too crazy to deal with my diabetes or weight right now.” We become the victim […]

Why We Must Change Our Culture Around The Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

The Problem Predictions for the number of Americans who are being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes are WAY OFF. In 2001, the American Diabetes Association published the Projection of Diabetes Burden Through 2050, which estimated that 11 million adults in the U.S. had diabetes at the time.  That was predicted to reach 29 million in […]

Your Doctor is Not the Boss of You

Nobody likes to be told what to do.  But for some reason, many of us buy into the belief that we are supposed to do what our doctors tell us to do, even when we don’t agree.  🤔 We aren’t supposed to question their judgement. We aren’t supposed to ask too many questions or take […]

Understand Your Diabetes Meds Better Than Your Doctor

What I’m about to explain to you is actually more common sense than anything else. Don’t worry, I’m going to give you an EDUCATION.  After all, I am a medication expert who teaches the use of medications to physicians and students. But, after you read this, it’s going to be really clear how these medications […]