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Why Exercise Does Not Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

I will never tell you not to exercise if you want to.  Exercise has enormous benefits, both mental and physical.  I don’t even need to get into all those benefits, because most people are well aware that exercising is good for you. However, it is misguided to believe the reason why you haven’t reversed your […]

Why When You Eat Is Just As Critical As What You Eat

Whether we are trying to lose weight or not, Americans are obsessed with figuring out what foods are “healthy” to eat. What does “healthy” even mean anymore? When it comes to nutrition, the barrage of contradicting advice on this topic can seem a sea of madness. Red meat or no red meat is the controversy […]

How to Stop Apathy From Stealing Your Dreams

Why is it that sometimes you can be super motivated, productive, and focused on your goal… And then slip into apathy?  As in, you stop caring in the moment about your goal.  What’s worse is that you don’t care that you don’t care. It can be paralyzing, even mystifying.  What happened?  One minute, you are […]

Why A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Are you living your life on default or on purpose? Most of us want to feel like we have some control over our life and our future.  We understand that we get to choose and decide what we will do, but few of us are actually setting goals and crafting a plan to get where […]