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Change Because You Want to, Not Because You Have To

No body wants to do anything they HAVE to do. Do you think you HAVE to get control of your weight or your diabetes?  That you HAVE to take medications or check your blood sugars? When you have to do something, you end up forcing yourself, pushing yourself toward it.  You resist it.  You argue […]

Is It Possible to Have Fun Reversing Type 2 Diabetes?

Awesome question, right? In life coaching, we are in the business of asking awesome questions.  When you ask awesome questions, you get awesome answers. Try it. Answer this question right now: “How can I have fun while reversing my diabetes?”  Sit with it for a minute.  Focus your mind.  If you do not direct your […]

How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Without Hunger

Hunger is painful.  And scary for most people.  Enough of it will break anyone’s determination to lose weight and improve their health.  😩 Anyone who has ever followed the conventional dieting advice of restricting calories and exercising more probably remembers suffering with hunger.  We have to lean HARD on our willpower to push through it, […]