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The Most Powerful Tool

Most of those who read this will immediately discount, disregard, or resist this tool. Watch your brain’s reaction when I tell you that the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL you will ever use to help you reverse your diabetes and lose weight is a food journal. Yes: a pen and piece of paper. A record of everything […]

Why It’s So Hard To Eat Only When You’re Hungry

Don’t think you’re an emotional eater? Answer this one question: Why are you eating when you’re not hungry? All of us do this.  Actually, we are probably doing lots of things besides overeating to deal with emotions that we don’t want to feel.  Let’s look closely at what’s behind it. Why feelings matter Feelings are […]

Type 2 Diabetes: Is It My Genes or Is It My Fault?

I love my clients and my patients. It’s not uncommon for me to hear from either that they blame someone or something for their lifelong struggle with diabetes.  It’s funny how our minds search for a reason, and they get pretty creative in the process. There is such a range of explanations our minds find […]