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Do you want freedom from Type 2 Diabetes?  Fewer medications?

I am going to share with you all the tools I have to help you right here.  For free.

It is 100% possible for you to learn and apply these tools to get results quickly and on your own.

Here are the 3 free courses you can access to help you get started right now:

  1. Understand Your Medications Better Than Your Doctor

    • Written tools and 11 videos that explain the pros and cons of each class of medications in a way you can understand so that you feel informed.
    • Answers the question, “Do I really need to check my blood sugar all the time?”
    • Videos for things like Aspirin and cholesterol meds so that you get why your doctor wants you to take them.
    • Videos and blog posts to help you figure out what to do next.
  2. Fourteen Day Jump Start to Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

    • This is an amazing resource that includes a workbook to download and print that takes you through the 5 steps of change that moves you TOWARD your goals.
    • 11 videos that are designed to support you through the Fourteen Day Challenge.
    • Teaches you how to COMMIT, how to take BIG ASS ACTION instead of HALF ASS ACTION, and how to see the thinking that is preventing you from reaching your goals.
  3. Believing New Things

    • Video and Workbook that introduces the concept of why it is CRITICAL to understand what you believe is possible if you want to create big change in your life.
    • Our beliefs guide all our actions and results in our lives.  Learning what you believe is THE FIRST STEP to creating lasting change!

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