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Living with Type 2 Diabetes can feel like a never-ending battle.

With all the medications, blood sugar monitoring, and doctor appointments, it can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

Understanding FOOD never seemed more complicated.

Are you the only one that is so confused?





What if I told you that most of America is wrong about Type 2 Diabetes?

Wrong about both the cause and the solution?

It’s not hard to believe when you see how powerless healthcare is to stop the explosion of this disease across the continent.




What if it could be SIMPLE?


It’s possible to cut through all the confusion and find CLARITY.






It’s not your fault that you haven’t been able to control your diabetes.

Modern healthcare’s approach does not teach you how to do this.

Most of the time, you are given little or even NO information at all about what is actually going on in your body, let alone how to correct and heal it.

Instead, focus is on choosing the right medications.

As a medication expert, I can say confidently that medications only cover up the problem, much like a bandaid.

Because of that, over time, more and more are required to “control” blood sugars.

Meanwhile, you are getting sicker and feeling worse.

It doesn’t have to be this way.




You can take back total control of your diabetes by understanding:

  • What is happening in your body that is keeping you sick.
  • How what and when you eat is driving your disease forward.
  • WHAT TO EAT!  The right food that will heal you can still be simple and delicious.


Just as valuable are the skills you need to create consistent action when change is hard:

  • How to stop overeating to feel better.
  • How to stay focused when doubt and fear creep in.
  • How to deal with stress and anxiety when it impacts your physical health.




This is what I teach.

Working with me as your coach will give you clarity about what your body needs and control over your health.


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